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Suzette Reyes

Dr. Reyes has been a physician for almost 23 years. Her professional experiences include working as an emergency room doctor after her residency in Internal Medicine, then went into private practice in St. Louis, MO. When her family moved out of St. Louis, she followed them to Las Vegas and worked as a hospitalist and was transfered to Florida where she worked in private practice doing "house calls" until moving to Knoxville 3 years ago. Dr. Reyes is very exited to work in Aesthetics and weight loss. Women's health issues, integrative, and holistic medicine has always been her interests. Dr. Reyes has 2 children: Brenna, age 13, and Jake, age 12. They are her second full time job! Dr. Reyes states, "I am very excited to be part of this clinic and want to provide great quality work for our clients."